Thursday, 1 March 2012

What Am I Going To Do...Part Two

On Tuesday's blog, I showed you a piece of lutradur that I had transfer dyed, but wasn't happy with.  I cropped it, and found something to go underneath it to add visual interest...if you remember, it had to be something with a strong contrast, because the Lutradur was one of the heavier weights, still transparent, but more fibres, meaning less visibility for whatever is beneath it.

And now to stitch... I wanted to stitch to emphasise the patterning underneath.  This was, if you remember, a print of a piece of wood, and had occasional circular motifs where there had been a knot.  One of those was in the bottom right hand side of the image, so I decided to start there.  You can see the knot clearly in the image below.  It's a very definite circle, but the pattern begins to break up at the top of the image.

I followed the curve at the bottom, making a strong motif.  The thread is variegated, and contains brown, which is one of the colours of the bottom cloth, and shades of red moving into purple.  I feel that choosing this thread helps to pull the two layers together, while the darker colour emphasises the line of the stitch itself.  . 

I then looked at the piece again.  I made the motif slightly larger, and added some lines of stitch at the bottom, to give it some balance.  I then started stitching outwards, dividing the remaining areas into smaller sections.  And at that point, I stopped.  Here it is...

And of course, now that I've done it, I'm not so sure.  I don't want to take the stitch out, though, because it will leave holes in the cloth.  Unlike woven fabric, where you can tease the fibres back into alignment after removing stitch, spunbonded fabric has no definite structure, so it's difficult, if not impossible, to camouflage the stitching line.

What would you do with this piece at this point?  I'm going to work on it over the weekend...I have an idea which may or may not work.  Wish me luck!

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