Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Try It Out Tuesday : Spray Inks

I thought I would follow up last week's posts with a final post about using spray inks.  The image above shows a piece of Zeelon which has been sprayed with Brusho spray on ink.  The results are muted, but reasonably good.  The image below, however, shows another piece of Zeelon which has been sprayed with Brusho inks... quite a difference, huh?  The blues are identical, incidentally... just much brighter in the second piece.
What I did, was to prepare the cloth using a digital ground.  I figured that if it worked for digital ink, it would work for anything... and it does.  It keeps the colourant on the surface of the cloth, not allowing it to soak in.  The downside, if you consider it such, is that the reverse side has much less colour.  For me, though, it's enough to get this vibrancy, which is characteristic of Brusho.  I'm going to repeat the process of spraying with a setting agent, to make the colour stay where it is (though washing is not advisable). 

So...which is 'right', with or without the digital ground?  The answer is, there is no right.  If you want the muted effect, don't use the digital ground.  If you want vibrancy, use the ground.  Your cloth, your choice.  No right or wrong involved!

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