Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wondering Wednesday : I'm Asking The Questions...

...but hopefully not for long.  When I started this blog, a whole two weeks and 1000+ page views ago, I said that it was going to be like an interactive book.  I know from talking to textile people and vendors alike that there's a lot of curiosity about spun bond fabrics, a lot of  'don't really know what to do with it' stuff.   I wanted to give us a forum to learn more about Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon, and I'm really grateful to everyone who has contributed here so far... let's keep it up!

The problem is, I don't know what your questions least, not unless you tell me.  I've been working with this stuff for several years now, so I've got to know it a bit.  I don't know what you don't know, if you see what I mean, so that makes it  difficult to know what to write about.  So far, I'm sticking to 'process' posts, showing you how I work with the different cloths, giving the odd bit of instruction where appropriate.  But I genuinely want this blog to be a two way process...and for that to happen, I need you to talk to me, here, or on Facebook, or by email.  What would you like to know?  What would you like to see on the blog?  Want to suggest an artist whose work could feature on Fridays?  Go right ahead.  I don't bite...and I don't consider myself the world's greatest authority on spunbond fabrics.  Please help me to help you.

Oh, and by the way, the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked.  This blog is about learning, and it's a safe place to ask really basic questions.  Honest it is.  I know we're only just getting to know each other, but if you're not sure who I am, try my blogs artmixter (my art blog) or wherelifemeetsart (my personal blog).  Get to know me a bit.  I like meeting new people...and I especially like people with questions.  Go on, ask me a know you want to!

ps,  yes, I admit it, the image is a cuckoo in the's on canvas, not Evolon...but I'm planning to make one of these in Evolon on a large scale soon.  Think of it as eye candy!  Or as a learning would a piece like this be different, if it was printed on Evolon instead of canvas?  Knowing when and why to use a particular piece of fabric is an important tool in your arsenal. 

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Maggi said...

Good idea to have this interactive. I have a question about Zeelon. It is supposed to be possible to colour it using procion dyes but having just tried putting some Zeelon in with other fabrics I found that the colour washed out of the Zeelon afterwards. Is there something that I should do differently? I use the tray dyeing method and added soda ash.