Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Try It Out Tuesday... Using Up Scrap...

The completed piece.
It comes to us all... too many scraps, not enough time.  I have several bits of Lutradur and Evolon that were surplus to requirements for various reasons, so I put together this little postcard (told you I liked postcard size for trying things out).  First I cut a piece of Lutradur 100, to act as a base, and then fussy cut little bits of Lutradur and Evolon; in fact, if you have read Exquisite Evolon, you'll recognise the little leaf shape!  I laid them out in the pattern I wanted, making sure that they covered the base, and free machine zig zagged them into place. 
Assembling the postcard on the base.

Why free machine?  Because I find automatic zig zag boring; I can vary the width and positioning of each stitch as I please when free machining.  I used variegated thread deliberately; I wanted the colour to vary, to make the stitch a feature.  Of course, other than keeping the fabric attached to the backing, the stitch plays no useful purpose; these fabrics don't fray, so there is no real need for stitch.  I could have simply fused the fabric onto the base, but I like the link with Crazy Quilting that the stitch suggests.  So... Crazy Quilting Goes Modern!  You could, of course, embellish madly.  If you want a postcard finish on the back, fuse the piece onto Lutradur XL, and stitch discretely round the edges in either straight or zigzag stitch. 

Postcard complete...ta dah!


Heidi Rand said...

Love it! Great colors-- stitching definitely adds a nice touch.

Angela said...

Love the colours and thanks for the idea - I've got loads of bits! I won't throw anything away ;o) I also love working postcard size.