Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What Am I Going To Do...Part Three

Well, I've been looking at this piece for ages, and can't decide what to do with it.  The stitch seems very rigid, somehow, and not really in keeping with the softness of the prints on both the lutradur and the cotton below it.  Much less organic, though it does make me think of a sun.  It also makes me think of an elephant in a tunnel...but that's another image for another day... 

So, I decided to start with what I think should be the focal  motif; the circle at bottom right.  And with a nod to the idea that it might be a sun superimposed on a field of flowers, I decided to foil that area.  I like foiling, and all the spun bonded fabrics I use take foiling well.  Dijanne Cevaal did a great step by step 'how-to' for foiling in the book Lovely Lutradur, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel, just show you what I did to add foil in this case. 

I wanted to make the foiling in the centre quite irregular, so took some scraps of Bondaweb and laid them out across the circle, where I wanted the foil to be.  Sorry, it's a poor quality image, but good enough for you to see how I did it.

I then applied the foil, using a hot iron. 

That worked nicely.  But I didn't want it to be the only bit of foiling on the quilt, so I repeated the process in different places across the 'sunblaze'.  If you do something once, it often looks like an afterthought or a mistake; better to repeat the action elsewhere in the quilt, to provide some balance.

It's still looking pretty sparse, but already it has softened the overall look of the piece just a bit.  I now need to continue that process, pulling the piece together using texture and stitch.  I know, I said this had three parts... I was wrong.  Let's see how long this takes... there will certainly be a couple more processes before this is complete.

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