Friday, 9 March 2012

Photo Friday : Dijanne Cevaal, Sentinelles

This week's image comes from Dijanne Cevaal.  I have been friends with Dijanne for many years now, and have watched her work develop. As you probably know, we collaborated on the book 'Lovely Lutradur'.  She says of her work:
These images are of little Sentinelle pieces I have been making that go with my larger series called Sentinelle. which are life sized Sentinelle images. You can read more about it here and here.
The image was printed onto the lutradur from a linocut I made. I had first coloured the lutradur and then prnted it and then machine stitched it as a quilt sandwich . I like how different these sentinelles look compared to the ones that are simply linocut printed onto cloth and somehow they lend themselves much more to machine stitching. There were no real surprises though the fabric that i used underneath the transparent layer of lutradur certainly added another aspect to how the final image looks as the lutradur and print were all exactly the same colour to begin with. of course the choice of thread colour also added to this.
To see more of Dijanne's work, check out her blog ; I know she has a catalogue of the Sentinelles available for sale, and you will find details there.  If you have any questions, please leave them here; I'm sure Dijanne will respond.


Heidi Rand said...

These are wonderful! Amazing detail... beautiful.

KAM said...

Very beautiful; I like the three together, great pieces.