Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tip Of The Week

You're ironing madly, but the colour on your paper won't transfer, even though you know you haven't used it before.  First check your iron; it has to be on at the hottest setting.  If it's the first time you have used this particular iron, but other irons work well, it may be that it just doesn't get hot enough... the cheaper the iron, the better for transfer dyeing, I've found.

The image above is called 'The Texture Of Memory'.


Angela said...

I love the colours on this piece Marion :o) I've found that using TAP you the iron red hot too - and my cheap £4.99 iron from Tesco is so much better than the more expensive Tefal which doesn't even steam properly any more!

Gill said...

Interesting point!
My (expensive) iron is on its' last legs! I think I'll invest in a cheap Tesco one!