Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wondering Wednesday : Sources

Gill asked if I had a favourite source for Brusho.  As it happens, I do; I go straight to the people who make it, Colourcraft Ltd.  For people in  Norfolk, I stock a little for sale in The Little Green Shed (I also have transfer and other dyes).

But there's a bigger question... where do you GET this stuff?  I wondered if it would be a good idea to have a supplier list on a page on this blog, so that people can share information about suppliers?  I know, for instance, it is very difficult to get Zeelon in the US... so lets see if we can establish who is stocking what, where... leave a comment here, and I'll set up a page.  If there's anyone who would like to volunteer to keep it updated, I'd be very grateful for the help?

And in that vein...I'm working on some kits using spun bonded fabrics.  The idea is to provide everything you need to experiment with a particular technique, such as bead making, in a single bag, with full instructions, which you can either follow or ignore <g>.  Do you think this is a good idea?  Would you buy such a thing?  Email me for more information, or if you have a suggestion for the kind of kit you would like to see.  Or just pop a comment on here. 

The image, incidentally, is powdered Brusho on paper.  It's lovely stuff!

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Gill said...

I think a list of suppliers would be a brilliant idea!