Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wondering Wednesday : Keeping Evolon's Texture

Felicity Griffin Clark asked how she could keep Evolon's texture while using a digital ground.  She said that she had tried an untreated piece, and a treated piece.  ' the digital grounded piece has lovely glowing colours but is quite stiff and rough and the ungrounded piece is lovely and soft - and dull'.

To be honest, I hadn't come across that problem before, so I started asking questions... which digital ground are you using... how are you applying it... how much of it are you using... are you following the instructions...  It turned out that she was using Golden's digital ground, and, following the instructions, had added two coats, at angles to each other, using a large pastry brush.  That made me wonder if perhaps she was simply using too much medium; it is important to use two coats as Golden describes because if you don't, there is a tendency to miss bits out (guess how I know...), making the final print strongly coloured in some areas and less so in others.

The purpose of the medium is to keep the ink sitting on the surface of the cloth, so that it doesn't sink into the fibres, thus diluting the intensity of the final print.  The cloth needs to be covered adequately, as I said above, but not soaked.  So, I suggested to Felicity that she dilute the medium slightly, 80% medium to 20% water, and apply it with a foam brush (thus avoiding brush marks).  Success!  Good print and no problem with the hand. 

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