Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Try It Out Tuesday : Changing Direction

Remember this?  Well...I'm still not happy.  I have had it kicking about the dining room, right in front of the computer, just looking at it.  I did some more thinking, and playing around, and finally took all those embellishments off the piece, and added one single thing.  It is a suede flower, in beige and a very pale turquoise/green colour.  Eau de nil, but a bit stronger.  It was just the right size to put in the circle, there... and immediately, the piece changed.  It took some of the detail out of the stitching, made a very clear focal point, and seemed to pull the whole piece together...or at least to begin to do that. 

So, I decided to take a similar colour and stitch into the top.  I did this to attempt to decrease the strength of the stitching, which gives the piece its structure.  Putting the flower in there makes it look like a vaguely retro 60's motif...which I rather like.  See what you think.  In the end, I used a variegated beige /mushroom/brown thread which really shouldn't go well, but seems to.

Am I happy now?  No, not really.  I don't think the stitching on the top  layer is strong enough in colour to defuse that strong, dark stitching behind.   I think more stitch is called for; what do you think?  Hand or machine?  More embellishment?  Strong Drink...?  Another layer of cloth?  Please do leave a comment, I'd be interested to see what you think.  We might even get a conversation going!

No matter how badly you feel about a piece, you can normally retrieve it using layer.  One way or another, by either adding colour and/or pattern, or reducing it by, say, burning away, you can change the focus and feel of a piece.  Try it... you know you want to.


Sandy said...

I think the flower will work, but the problem is they are too matt/solid/flat colour compared to the rest. is there a way to get some colour blending going on with them using colours from the background? For instance - you could go with beads on the flowers, but you could also hand stitch just small lines from the centre of the flower to make the petals more realistic. It would also echo the strong lines in the back and pull the whole together.

I wouldn't do anymore to the back ground. It would only fight with the flower.
IMHO of course.

Angela said...

I agree with Sandy. As soon as I saw the flower it leapt out at me and I really feel it needs to be blended more with the background. I'm not sure about adding beads, but stitching on the flower would certainly enhance it.

I love the background colours and would leave that just as it is...