Friday, 27 April 2012

Photo Friday : Ticking Clock

I was really struck by this piece, by Angela Huddart, when I saw it mentioned on her Facebook page, so I asked her if we could share it here, as well as the International Quilt Challenge blog, for which she made it in the first place. She was kind enough to agree.

 She says of the piece;

 'Ticking Clock' features a dandelion seed head.  As a child we used to 'tell the time' by blowing the seeds off the plant.  Depending on how many blows it took, that was the hour...only it was never correct!!

I used two weights of Lutradur, 8" x 11", one heavy (130) and one medium (70).
On the heavy one which would be underneath, I used a white Inktense block to cover the sheet in white, then when it was dry painted an iridescent sparkly paint over it.

On the medium sheet I used two or three different shades of green Inktense blocks and blended them.

With a fine pencil I drew the outline of the dandelion clock onto the green Lutradur and used a soldering iron to slash & burn on the design.

When laid on top of the heavy Lutradur the white showed through. 

I finished it by stitching the seeds using Madeira Rayon thread in bright white and embellishing the background with a Madeira metallic thread. 

This is the first time I've used Inktense blocks and found the colour amazing.  I don't have the facilities for dying here so this is the next best thing for me!
For those of you who have not heard of Inktense blocks, they are water soluble ink blocks, which you can use with brushes or directly onto paper or fabric.  Made by Derwent, they were originally produced as pencils; for more information, have a look here. 


Sandy said...

this sounds really good. I had been thinking of getting some of those, but wasn't sure I'd do more than put them in the drawer. but these explanations give me further ideas.
Sandy in Bracknell

Ineke said...

I already red it on her blog. It s very beautiful en very clever.

Heidi Rand said...

Very nice! I loved reading about the process. Thanks!