Sunday, 1 April 2012

March Challenge : The Contenders!

Angela Huddart:

I printed the photo onto all three weights of Zeelon - A4 size - then layered them light, medium, heavy, spray basting them together and fusing the whole lot onto stiff interfacing. I drew circles in various sizes, cut them out and reversed them so the light weight Zeelon is on top.  I sewed these in place using gold Madeira thread and embroidered small circles inside each one and zapped them with the heat gun.  I then filled in the background with a zig-zag stitch in the gold thread.

The photos show the piece photographed on the window with the light shining through (001), photographed flat to show the actual colours (002) and a close-up (001a)

The photo reminded me straight away of a meteor and strangely on the same day there were reports on the news about a meteor which was about to hit the Earth somewhere.  So, my piece is called 'Meteor Shower'.

Felicity Griffin Clark
the photo looked as though the rocks were cracking and about to erupt so i tried to capture a feeling of fracture in my piece.

i printed the photo onto evolon and lutradur - i started with a bottom layer of wool suiting, then a piece of black kimono lining, the evolon with some curves slashed through it and the kimono pulled through slightly, then the lutradur and some black tulle. i machine stitched it then burnt it back with a heat gun. then dripped sumi ink down the front so it ran down the long stitched curves.

it's called fissures.

VOTING : Please leave a vote in the Poll for the March Challenge; your vote will be anonymous.  The Poll is open for ten days from today.  I think both pieces are really interesting, and make great use of the original image.  Good luck to both of you, and thanks for taking part!

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