Thursday, 26 April 2012

Try It Out Thursday : Hot Stuff

You will remember this pattern from Tuesday's blog, a transfer dyed monoprint on Evolon.  As you can see, I took three full prints, and two partial prints, with the prints gradually getting lighter. You probably think that I've arranged them in the wrong order, as the third one is stronger than the second, but not quite as dark as the first.  Interestingly enough, that isn't the case; I have arranged them in the order they were made.  So what happened?

 The first one, on the left, was made with a very hot iron.  So hot, that it made some of the paper stick to the fabric, and changed the texture of the Evolon somewhat, making it smoother, more like paper, than it is in its natural state.  So...I turned the iron down a bit.  The second print was made with a cooler iron, and whilst the texture of the Evolon didn't change much at all, the print is noticeably lighter.  So...I turned the iron back up again, and got another strong, dark print. 

The moral of this tale?  Not sure that it really has one... but why not try this exercise, starting with a medium hot iron, and see what happens.  If you want to share your results, send them to me and I'll put them up in a separate post. 

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Sandy said...

I love the first one, it has a story to it. It is about the sun fighting against being swallowed by darkness. (well it would be if I had a chance to work into it!LOL)

I wasn't sure when you showed it the other day, because I thought you had made the further changes to the same image. Now I see you worked on seperate pieces, including more of the painted paper for the subsequent prints.

I haven't the time at present to play with the different types of spunbond fabric. I haven't seen enough to see how it would be worth adding to my repetoire - so to speak. When I get shed of the teaching responsibility, I might begin to see how I can use transfer paints to get images and colours that would be part of what I do.

Sandy in Bracknell