Friday, 20 April 2012

Photo Friday

I would love to feature other artists' work here on a regular basis... if you have a piece you would like to share, please email me here

This piece is slightly bigger than postcard size.  I had made it while demonstrating at a show somewhere, and wanted to echo the little squares that feature in the surface design, which was created using Brusho inks on the base, with stamping using fabric paint.  So, I took larger, dyed wool felt squares, and, using an embellisher machine, added them to the lutradur (lutradur 100, I think).  Lutradur is not any good for embellishing onto things, but it is a great base for felting.  I finished it off with a whisp of white wool.  I'm still wondering about adding some metal foil, or some tiny beads...what do you think?

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