Thursday, 19 April 2012

Try It Out Thursday : Combining Lutradur And Evolon (cont)

So... did you try Tuesday's little exercise?  If you did, and if your iron was hot enough, what should have happened is that the lutradur and the evolon bonded together.  Depending how long you ironed them for, you might not have been able to separate the two without tearing the lutradur. 

Why might you want to do this?  After all, Evolon has a wonderful texture; why would you want to hide it?  Oe reason might be to add an inclusion which you don't want to stitch into.  I've used a scrap of fabric, here, just as an example, it was lying about on the ironing board...  but you could put a piece of paper, a feather, a leaf, anything that  you feel you would like to use as an inclusion, but which stitch isn't ideal for.  If you don't want to add colour to the inclusion, make sure that you cover it with a piece of blank paper, cut to that size and shape, before you transfer the colour. 

Why not try it?  What else might this technique be useful for?

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