Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Try It Out Tuesday : Adding The Cover

If you remember from last Thursday's post, I had finished off the cover, and looked at a different way of attaching it.  The journals I am working with have soft covers, but good quality paper, so I wanted to make them a little more robust, and hopefully, much more attractive, so decided to make the cover a permanent feature of the journal.  I did that by putting a layer of fusible on the back of the cover.  I peeled off the backing and wrapped the cover round the book, fusible side down, exactly as I wanted it to sit, tucking the flaps in at either side.  I then put a piece of greaseproof paper over the cover to protect it, and pressed both sides with a warm iron (just follow the directions for your fusible if you're not sure).   I then opened the book, and did the same with the flaps, just to make sure they were securely attached.

Looking at the journal (above), I decided it was a little long, top and bottom, as it overlapped the edges of the book. For purely aesthetic reasons (the cover is strong enough to hold the book as it is, without any further change, I thought about how to change it.   I did not want to fold the flap in, as the corners would have been far too thick.  Instead, as the Lutradur won't fray, I cut a slit in the top cover and bottom cover, over the spine, opened the book and cut along the inside edge of the journal.  The slit in the spine area just made it easier to cut.  That produced a final book that looks like this:

I wanted a journal that suggested a garden...and here it is.  I hope you'll try this little project!  Share a photo with us if you do, and tell us what your theme was.  If enough journal photographs arrive, I'll create a separate page here on the blog to show them off!

We're going to stay with the theme of books for a while... if there is anything you would particularly like to see featured here, please let me know.

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