Friday, 4 May 2012

Photo Friday : April's Challenge

Only one entry for April's challenge... but it was a superb entry, well worth having the challenge for!  Angela Huddart says of this lovely piece;
"I manipulated a photo of a field of daffodils and printed it on both Evolon soft and Lutradur 70.  I then layered the Lutradur on top of the Evolon and zapped it with a heat gun.  I rubbed a gold paint stick over the raised surface and when dry placed another layer of Lutradur on top which had been 'dyed' with various shades of yellow Inktense blocks, turned it all over to the back and stitched a daffodil flower head design all over, using a bright yellow rayon thread in the bobbin,  (see the close up photo for detail of the design).  I decided the a 'sea' of yellow needed something more, so used an orange Inktense block to colour the centres of the daffodils before zapping it again with the heat gun.

I finished it by stitching the edges of the whole piece to some bright yellow commercial fabric."

Despite the poor level of response to these challenges, I'm going to continue to run them; look out for May's challenge on tomorrow's blog.  I've decided to stop voting on them, however, in case the idea of being 'judged' is putting people off.  I do think that it's a worthwhile thing to do, if it prompts work of the quality we've seen as a response to the challenge stimuli.  And of course, as you will probably have realised, the winner of March's challenge was Felicity Griffin Clark, with Fissures.  Congratulations, Felicity, I'll be in touch to let you choose your prize!  You too, Angela!  Well done, both of you! I hope more people will be encouraged to enter next time.

If anyone would like to suggest a theme for the challenges, ask a question about spunbonded fabrics or offer a photograph for Photo Friday, please email me here


Masha Novoselova said...

beautiful piece!!
is it possible to print be normal printer at those materials?

Heidi Rand said...

Beautiful! I love the closeup especially, those colors... mmmmm

DIAN said...

What a lovely piece of work.

Please continue with the challenges.

Angela said...

Thanks everyone...yes it is possible to print on a normal printer - mine is just an Epson SX100. Just make sure you attach the fabric to a piece of paper before feeding through - I use masking tape along the leading edge.