Saturday, 19 May 2012

It's Okay....

not to get it right first time.  To make such a mess of it, that you have to put it in the bin.  It's okay to fail.  Really it is, I give you full permission.  Because if you don't try it, and more than once, you'll  never know what it feels like to succeed...right?  Repeat after me... it's only fabric.  It's not even very expensive fabric, compared to what we pay for commercial printed fabrics in the UK... now is it?  So, whatever it is you were thinking you'd like to try... ask yourself...what's the worst thing that can possibly happen?  We've already established that it's okay to fail, so what else is there?  Yes, okay, possibly burning the house down might be up there...but you're too sensible for that!  Go on, try it... you know you want to!

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