Thursday, 24 May 2012

Try It Out Thursday : Using Lutradur Lace

Okay, it's my birthday today, and I'm cheating slightly... I thought I would give you some eye candy.  I showed you how to make lutradur lace here; now I'm showing you what I did with that little piece of lace.  As you can see, it's attached to a fascinator base, and I've added some feathers and a sequinned motif.  I think it's fun!  The base is black, which I thought made it slightly more sophisticated than either red or white.  I think this one is finished, but you never know with these things... sometimes things get added... I'm tempted to try to find a tiny bird to perch on it!

The lace was attached using tiny hand stitches.  Because the sinamay base is curved, I carefully stitched around it, then made a dart of sorts of the excess material and trimmed it back.  I then added a few stitches to the raw ends, and covered all of those workings with the feathers and motif.  These are glued down, making the joint even more secure.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!  What will you use your lutradur lace for?


Ineke said...

Happy birthday Marion! And thanks for the package, I received it yesterday.

Gill said...

Happy Birthday Marion!

Tatyana Ratcliffe said...

Happy Birthday !

Angela said...

Woohoo!! That's super bright!! I love it but it won't go with my outfit...not this one anyway ;o) I hope you've had a wonderful day! x

using lutradur said...

So beautiful!

using lutradur