Friday, 18 May 2012

Try It Out Thursday : Matching Bookmark.

The observant among you will realise that this post is a day late.  That would be because I went to visit a coaching client, went fabric shopping, generally got diverted and started making this project a tad on the late side.  That meant it didn't dry in time... so we're doing it today, instead.  I won't mention the forgetting to take the final photo and waking up at 2am thinking...oops...

I thought we'd try out a small, fast project, just in case you want to try out the paint splodging technique I used earlier in the week, but don't want to make a larger project.  So... I thought I'd continue in the book theme, and make a bookmark to go with the journal.  I cut a piece of Lutradur 130 (you could use 100, or even 70, at a pinch), six inches wide and the length of the journal.  I then folded it in three equal parts, to make a 2" column.  I opened it out again (see picture above) and laid it flat on a piece of scrap board, and added fabric paint, using the method here.  The only difference is that I added much more paint this time than I did for the journal cover; you can see that from the image below.  Don't go overboard, though, or when you brayer it, the paint will ooze out of the sides and be wasted.

 I folded it back up again, and ran a brayer over both sides.  This brought the paint to the surface, and created a bookmark shape. 

However, until the paint dried, it would not hold together, so I wrapped it in greaseproof paper and put it under a large pile of books for an hour (if you have a book press, that would be ideal).  When I brought it back out again, I put it onto the ironing board on another piece of greaseproof paper, pressed one side, turned it over, pressed the second side and left it to dry.  This ensured that the paint stuck to itself and to the Lutradur. 

The finished bookmark was large enough by itself to be used right away, but I wanted to add a few fibres at the bottom, just for interest, so I cut a hole at the bottom of the bookmark, using a paper cutter.  That worked beautifully (to my surprise; I thought it might have been a bit too thick).  I then threaded some hand dyed fibres through the hole, to produce the finished item.  This is a really quick project, though there is some drying time.  They would make good little gifts, or raffle prizes. 

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Heidi Rand said...

Very nice, clever to make a matching bookmark! Lutradur is perfect for bookmarks because it's hardy but light. Love the colors (or colours on your side of the ocean). :)