Saturday, 18 February 2012

How Did She Do THAT?

I promised fun stuff at the weekends... so here is a competition.  The people who can tell me what the photograph is of, and how I made it, by Monday 20 Feb at 9am gmt will have their names put into the hat, and the first three out will receive a little lutradur or evolon something from wee me... so... What is it, and how did I do it???



Beads, sprays & soldering iron

Ineke said...

I think you painted, stamped?, rolled it and used the soldering iron.

smarcoux said...

lutradur , one looks like tyvek painted and rolled up in beads and used a soldering iron on them :)

Gill said...

I can only recognise lutadur! and presumably these have been melted in some way so a soldering iron seems a good guess!