Saturday, 25 February 2012

Last Saturday's Results...

Last Saturday, we had a competition.  Five people all got bits of it right... and as there are only five entrants, I'm giving five prizes <g>... send me your snail mail addresses here and I'll send you a small excitement!

In fact, four of the five beads were made from Evolon; the fifth was made from Lutradur...not a hint of Tyvek in sight!  You were right about the soldering iron, though.

The image today is a continuation from Thursday.  This piece is made from commercial cloth combined with Lutradur, and takes the framing idea a little further.  It's larger, for a start, A4 sized, and is embellished with beads (note to self, should take better care of samples...and must find missing bead...).  Hope it gives you even more to think about while using Lutradur... you can, for instance, see much more detail because the Lutradur is a 30 weight in this example.  I've stitched round the circles; I didn't need to do so from a technical point of view, but wanted the extra emphasis that the stitched line would bring. 

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