Friday, 17 February 2012

Photo Friday : 'The Magpie' by Angela Huddart

Our first Friday photo is from Angela Huddart, in the UK.  If you have ever bought a pack of C&T Publishing's Lutradur, you will have seen this particular photograph before, as it is on the packaging, a well deserved honour for a lovely piece.  I asked her to tell us a bit about it;

"This is what I call my 'famous' piece!    It is a journal quilt measuring approx 8" x 11" and is based on Monet's painting 'The Magpie'.  I made it by sketching onto plain fabric then covering with a layer of Lutradur.  I thread-painted the gate, magpie, fences and trees, then painted strips of Lutradur dark brown for the trees in the foreground and stitched them in place before zapping with a heat-gun.  For the snow in the foreground I added a layer of scrunched up Lutradur, stitched it in place and zapped it again with the heat-gun.  After sandwiching, adding borders and quilting, the foreground and the sky were lightly brushed with a sparkly paint.

The Lutradur behaved just how I wanted it to - I could paint it, stitch on it and heat zap it.  I wouldn't do anything any different in hindsight.  I'm all for making life easy for myself and this worked for me with results that I liked - thanks to a great product! I loved making it so much I've made another as C&T Publishing have this original. 

I am a member of C&T Publishing's 'Creative Troupe' who occasionally send a 'call-out' for members who are interested in various new products.  When I joined there was a call-out for pieces made from the the new Ultra-Light Lutradur, which they provided.  I had made a couple of fused pieces based on The Magpie and loved how they turned out, so decided to have a go using Lutradur and thread.  The pieces they receive are used as models to demonstrate to retailers what can be achieved by using a particular product.  When it came to producing the packaging for sale to the retailers, they chose this piece as well as four others to be featured - mine just happened to be on the front !"
You can see more of Angela's work here,and you can contact her here .
I'm sure if you want to ask her anything about this particular quilt, you can just leave a comment in the box below, and she'll respond.  Thanks, Angela, for being so generous with your time and expertise.

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DIAN said...

I have often looked at this pic on the lutrador and admired it without looking deeply into it. Thanks so much for the explanation. I am not confident using lutrador but I will have another go at it now. Cheers, Dian