Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Polyester? Me? You're Kidding, RIght?

Blue Tree Dreaming : Quilted Lutradur.

...is what I would have said five or six years ago if you had told me that about eighty to ninety percent of my working time as a textile artist would be spent using polyester.  Now, though, that's exactly how I spend my time.  I work with Lutradur, Evolon and now Zeelon, using them for all kinds of things, including creating stitched photographs and multi layered quilts and embroideries.  With my friend and fellow artist Dijanne Cevaal, I wrote 'Lovely Lutradur'; Dijanne was the person who introduced me to spun bonded fabrics, for which I'm profoundly grateful.  A meeting with Mervyn from Spunart introduced me to Evolon; in fact, I stole his only sample... I'm surprised he still speaks to me!  And more recently, Mervyn has introduced me to Zeelon, another spun bonded fabric that has been introduced to textile artists.  It's an exciting time, with so many different cloths from man made fibres to play with!
Lost In Translation.  Dyed Lutradur over commercial fabric, heat distressed to show some elements in their original colours.

So why am I starting this blog?  Well, mainly because I want to create a resource for everyone who is using spun bonded fabrics in the art world, and explore the possibilities with you.  I know that every time I go to a quilt group meeting or a show, people tell me that they have got some lutradur, or evolon, or zeelon...or all three... but they have never used it because they don't know quite how to use it.  And that's despite all the books that have been written.  So... think of this blog as an interactive book.  I'll be showing you some step by step projects to make with your fabrics, as well as answering questions you might have about these wonderful fabrics. I'm also hoping to interview other artists who work with these fabrics, so that you can see how different people approach working with these amazing fabrics.  I'm aiming to post here every day, (barring accidents, illness and acts of God, of course), in a very structured way, starting...well, now, really! 

cushions made from Evolon

So...  the week will look roughly like this.

Monday is Inspiration Day.  I'll post something inspirational...a quote, a picture, a question.  I can't think of a better way to get the creative juices going at the start of the week.

Tuesday is for Trying Things Out.  This is the day when we explore actually using the fabrics.

Wednesday is Wondering Day.  Every Wednesday, I will answer a question that YOU have set.  You can email me here and ask me anything you like about these fabrics; how to dye them, how to use them... or ask for advice on a project you're working on.  

Thursday is another Trying Things Out day.

Friday is Photo Day!  Photos of past or ongoing work, mine, yours, anything that is interesting.  Again, you can email me if you would like to have your work featured here; the only proviso is that it must contain at least some of one or more of the spunbonded fabrics.  I will fully credit your work, will link to your blog or website, and will write an article based on the information you give me in a short and simple pre-publication questionnaire.

Saturday and Sunday are Fun Days!  Depending on what has been going on in the week, we could cover any or all these topics...think surprise!

I hope you'll enjoy visiting this blog...please do ask questions, make comments, give me feedback, so I can write stuff that meets YOUR needs.   And today would be a good day to ask questions for this and successive Wednesdays... what's the one thing you would love to know about spun bonded fabrics  (but were afraid to ask)?
Flying Circus.  An Evolon quilt, with both hand and machine stitching.


Heidi Rand said...

Hi Marion, This is great! I'm totally in love with Lutradur, which I print on with inkjet. I got a bit of evolon, finally - it's not easy to get in the US, but haven't gotten zeelon. Have you done inkjet printing on the evolon or zeelon?
Thanks! Heidi

Julie said...

Sounds like a great idea for a new blog Marion and very generous of you too to share your knowledge. I'm one of those people with Lutradur and Evolon wondering how to use them properly so I will be glad to follow along and hopefully find the time to join in. Good luck with the new blog!

Sharne's Bits 'n' Bobs said...

Sounds a great idae!

Angela said...

This is just what need Marion...thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to joining in :o)

Gill said...

I'm looking forward to this!
I'm one of those with some Lutradur!

Ineke said...

Cann't wait, great idea.

marion barnett said...

Thanks to everyone for their support!

landscapelady said...

I'm intrigued and a sucker for anything new and different, so will be anxious to learn about these fabrics that are new to me. Do I have to buy them online or can I get it from like a Joanne's or something? I may be creative but I'm also cheap:-)

marion barnett said...

It's easier to find lutradur online than it is in shops in both the UK and US; a quick online search should bring up stockists in your area. Hope that helps!

Heidi Rand said...

Our Joann's carries the letter sized Lutradur that C&T sells, but it's less expensive to buy online by the yard. I love how reasonably priced Lutradur is -- makes me more liable to experiment since I'm not worried about wasting money.

Heidi Rand said...

Thanks for your encouragement! Just made my first foray into using Evolon. Printed on some transfer artist paper and ironed it onto a bit of Evolon. Turned out okay. I love the texture!

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