Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Try It Out Tuesday : When Evolon Met Bondaweb (Pt 1)

I love Evolon's texture, and the way it retains that texture when you paint it.  The piece here had been painted with diluted acrylic paints...notice that I've varied the strength of the paint in different places, suggesting a land or sea scape.
So far so good... now what?  I came across this piece last week, and it has been lying in my dining room, muttering under its breath, as unfinished things do.  This morning, though, I came across some scraps of painted Bondaweb and thought... I wonder...

Where the Evolon is blue, the bondaweb has a variety of blues moving into purples, and into greys.  I thought that would enrich the background, and decided to iron it on, just to see what happened.  I didn't have a whole piece to lay over the top, so I tore it up, and laid it in different places, some of it overlapping, until it looked like this;
I then covered it with greaseproof paper, and ironed it on...

I like it... but there isn't enough unevenness about the top left hand side, and just at the bottom, there's a very light piece that also draws the eye... so I tore up more painted Bondaweb, and added it.
That, I thought, would improve the overall balance.  Even if you're just (just?) preparing a background, you need to have balance and good design in it.  Anyway, so far so good...

Then I spotted a piece of very fine white florist's wrap...I have no idea where it came from.  I thought about adding it, to just add a little more texture, but also to even out the surface.  Again, I added greaseproof paper and ironed it down.  Interesting how it is starting to look shiny in places where there is three or more layers of Bondaweb. 
For me, this is an interesting background, now, just waiting for Something To Happen...  we'll see what did happen on Thursday. 

PS I can't remember what I used to colour the Bondaweb; could have been Brusho, could have been watered down fabric paint...I think the latter is more likely.  Experiment with what you have to hand if you want to try this; just don't apply paint too thickly, or you will lose the textural effect of the bondaweb.

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