Friday, 7 September 2012

Photo Friday : Elizabeth Peters


Peacocks are fabulous birds, and this one, by Elizabeth Peters, is no exception. `It is a lovely example of how you can combine Evolon with other fabrics to produce a partially three dimensional image.

Elizabeth says of her Evolon creation:

I absolute love using Evelon in projects. It is such a versatile fabric. I first bought some about two years ago with another friend, at the Textiles show in Brisbane Australia. We had read about it in one of Isobel Hall's books & was interested to see how it worked. So we bought some.

I have painted it and dyed it. And it is absolutely amazing to stitch into.  The inspiration for the peacock came from the earring that I used for the tail. I saw the earrings on a stall in the shopping centre & thought that they would make a great peacock's tail. So I bought them. Along with quite a few other pairs of earrings that I will use to embellish other pieces of work.

I used the evelon as the base fabric, as I knew it would colour just the way I wanted it to do. It is great stuff for colouring, & feels so lovely in the hoop when stitching on it. I coloured the Evelon with water colour paints then hit it with the heat gun to dry it so that I could start stitching on it straight away.

I embroidered on the tree design & made the detached leaves first.

Then drew up a design for the body of the peacock. I made a padded body from felt. After which I then stitched over the top of in the colours of a peacock. There are about 7 different colours used in the body of the peacock. Then I secured on the earring for the tail. And hay presto the peacock was made.

After all the stitching was done, I took the piece out of the hoop, then machine stitched around the edges. Again Evelon is a wonderful fabric for sewing on the machine as well as in the hand. I mounted the whole piece behind a framed card & posted it off to my very dear friend, who lives in the UK, for her Birthday.

Sadly though. I completely forgot to take a photo of the completed card before posting it☹☹☹ I was running short on time to get it posted over to the UK on time, & it completely slipped my mind. The good thing is though I know if I ever have to, I can get my friend to take a photo of it & email it to me.

I am a great advocate of Evelon. It is such a versatile fabric to work with. It is great for painting on or dying. It is also wonderful to stitch on both hand & machine & is strong & sturdy for uses in book covers as well as backing embroideries.
If you have any questions, I'm sure Elizabeth will be delighted to answer them here.  Once again, many thanks to her for sharing this lovely piece of work with us.  Te see more of her work, check out her blog.

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DIAN said...

good to see your work featured here Elizabeth. the bird is gorgeous.