Thursday, 6 September 2012

Try It Out Thursday : When Evolon Met Bondaweb (Pt 2)

Okay, so far so good, we have a piece of bondawebbed Evolon, making a lovely background.  But for what?
Well... as you know, Bondaweb is simply glue in a sheet.  So, by definition, we could add pieces of cloth or paper (or whatever) and fuse them onto the Evolon.  But I thought that it would be more interesting to add some foiling...there's nothing like a bit of glitz... so I cut a spiral shape, and some thin tendrils, from blue foil, and fused them on, having carefully covered the piece with greaseproof paper first.  But it seemed too shiny, so I then added a little more bondaweb, and fused again.  That produced this;

Which I rather like.  Particularly the texture on top of the foiling.  It looks super complicated...but in fact, was super easy.  Why not try it out?

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