Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wondering Wednesday...What's Going On?

I promised a post a day, and for the last couple of weeks, it has been a post a week.  Mea culpa, I was overtaken by the demon depression, and it makes life difficult, sometimes.  I can't promise that won't happen again...I can only promise to do my best not to miss more posts.

I'd love it if you would ask me some more questions for Wondering Wednesday, or share your work for Photo Friday... email me here.  I'd like to stress that you don't have to be doing extraordinary work to have your work featured here... we all learn from seeing what everyone else does. 

And a final question...I'll be showing my May/June challenge here at the end of the week... did anyone else manage to make anything, or do you not like this feature?


DIAN said...

First let me say how much I understand the problems of working while depressed. i do hope you are feeling better now.

I have emailed some pics of work I have been doing.

I intended to do something for the challenge but ran out of time. I think I will still do something even though it will be late.

Thanks for this blog, I do enjoy it.

Dian xx

Masha Novoselova said...

Marion, I'm reading your book now! and thank you again! I'm so exiting! and sure I want to try something with new material!! :) I'll send you photos when I make something! hope it will be soon!
and thank you for this blog too!