Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wondering Wednesday : Burning Evolon

Can you burn out Evolon the same way that you burn out lutradur?  Err...yes and no.  You can use a heatgun or a soldering iron on Evolon, just as you can on lutradur.  However, because of the nylon content in the Evolon, it will burn more quickly than lutradur, meaning that to get a similar effect, you really need to control the amount of heat you are using very much more than with lutradur.  You do that by varying the distance of the heat gun away from the cloth. 

Gently heating the cloth with a heat gun, varying the position of the heat gun, and its distance from the cloth, you will first see some distortion (a bit like Tyvek, when heated), and then small holes, like this.

 Blast it with a heat gun, however, and you may get a little discolouration, as here, and much bigger holes.

If you look closely at the second photo, you will see that blasting it with a heatgun produces hard, slightly shiny edges.  If this is the look you want, that's how to do it; otherwise, have patience, and keep that heatgun moving!

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