Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wondering Wednesday : Is Lutradur Fusible?

In a word, no...or at least, not by itself.  I use lutradur in combination with fusibles such as Bondaweb to create my own fusible Lutradur, but you can't by it pre-glued (as it were).  The same applies to both Evolon and Zeelon; they cope fine with fusible web, but they don't come in a pre-glued version.   Unlike fusible on silk, though, which tends to look as if it has been glued, unless you're very careful, Lutradur shows no sign of having been glued.  Good news for enthusiastic fusers and applique fiends!

All three layers of the Lutradur brooches, above, were fused together before they were stitched; can you tell?


Sandy said...

just catching up with you after having a houseguest for 2 weeks. I am glad you addressed this question.

I was slightly worried that fusing would cause distortion to the lutrador. Good to see it does not.

I am counting down the weeks to the end of teaching for now and am looking forward to spending sometime building a body of work which initial ideas seem to suggest would work well with lutrador. But as I have also been doing some fusing of fine paperfabric with silk organza for strength, I am quite likely to combine some of those elements. Good to know from the start that it would be possible to carry on with some of those techniques.
Sandy in Bracknell

marion barnett said...

Thank you for your comment, Sandy. I'm glad this has been of use!